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#About me

My journey on this world began on 21 of March 1990. I had very nice childhood, surrounded by beautiful nature. I lived in countryside on the border of natural park Český ráj. Nature still fascinates and inspires me. I was trying to work with wood from early childhood, but the only tools I had were hammer, saw and nails. The biggest discovery for me was the fact that a chair with three legs doesn't sway.

With these ambitions,I enrolled in the Academy of Art-Industry and Industry of Musical Instruments and Furniture in Hradec Králové. My specialisation was art-joiner. I graduated with this specialisation and received secondary education diploma. The profession of art-joiner was pretty nice. I worked with a raw massive wood and restored old furniture, but I wanted to try a bigger challenge and get my life journey farther. In that case, I wanted to push my work with wood into next level. With that vision, I enrolled in the specialised program "Construction of Musical Instruments with focus on Guitars". Till that time, the only thing I knew about guitar was that it has six strings.

The construction of guitars totally devoured me. I enjoyed the precise work with exotic wood and other cool materials,as well as the opportunity to get my skills farther by building nice musical instruments, which was the idea I liked from the beginning. I tried to build up all types of guitars till the third year of my studies, but the only type of construction which overwhelmed me, and which I liked the most, was the classic guitar. A great inspiration for my choice in this case was my teacher Martin Šuk who took me to his practice. Thank you, Martin. During my studies, I made my own workroom, where I made most of my first classic-type constructed pieces. After receiving my degree, I started a business for guitars and art-furniture. In the beginning, I made money just from art-furniture joinering, but I devoted most of my energy into the construction of guitars. I made three classic pieces and took them out. The discovering of the big world of classic guitar started...

In 2014, I was visiting musical academies and let students and their teachers play on my instruments. I slowly apprised this amazing group of people. I took part in my first guitar festival in Mikulov that year. Than came festivals in Kutná Hora and Brno, where prof. Thomas Kirchhoff found me and invited me to a festival in Iserlohn (Germany), where I went in 2016. This festival open me the world of classic guitar in foreign countries. Festivals in Hamburg and Berlin followed. The construction of classic guitar became my full-time job in two years. Thanks to this, I can travel through Europe and bring back new inspiration and challenge.

#About guitar

The basic precondition for the best construction of a classic guitar is the best quality of wood. I choose materials and wood by myself from specialised dealers. When you have got a good wood, it is just a matter of the building process in the best quality. The technology I use is quite old, verified by years of building by another master guitar builders. For example, the traditional spanish joint known for gluing by hot mucilage or french polish.

After attending a workshop staged by excellent guitar builder Tony Müller, I perished his technique balsa double top. This is a technique where top soundboard (resonant board) creates kind of a "sandwich" of two boards, and balsa support in the middle (in a core). This technology makes the resonant board lighter and more solid. The board relays frequencies much better. But I still build classic construction as well. This type does not have that big relay performance, but it has nicer color of the tone and complex instrument soul.


Petr Láska

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